Buying an Instrument

Buying the right violin, viola, cello and bow in Jakarta

The buying of violins, violas, cellos and bows is a matter of trust.

Before deciding on an instrument you should seriously consider what you want. Is it for investment purposes or should it just plainly sustain it’s value? Is it going to be used in professional performances or merely for fun or as a beginners’ instrument? These and many other questions result in great differences in quality and tonal qualities. A professional setup and the use of fine components have a profound impact on the sound aspects. Therefore I test, adjust and modify to optimal performance every instrument sold by me.


Antique instruments can sell for staggering amounts of money, easily exceeding the price of a car or even a house.

Act Cautiously

Overall impression
In what state of preservation is the instrument? How has the instrument been taken care of?

What does a leading internationally acclaimed expert have to say about the instrument? Buying a fake is not going to be a good investment.

Buy from a trustworthy dealer, who also offers ongoing care and support.

I would be glad to assist you, with all aspects of your purchase decision making process, thus ensuring a successful satisfactory result.